Pffff, for two days now, we’ve been getting weather that’s so typically London. Rain, grey skies… You could freeze out here!

That said, before the shows, everyone meets up at the TopShop Café. TopShop has a really active part in fashion week this year (Yeah, that’s the reason I’ve talked about them twice in a row… But after today, promise, no more!). The giant British brand sponsored tons of shows, released a lot of work by young designers, and injected a lot of money and energy into this year’s fashion week.

And offers a cozy little escape for the whole thirsty and hungry fashion crowd.

I love this stuff.

Carine Roitfeld and Carla Sozzani, in the middle of a conversation before the Marios Schwab show.

Tiffany, I love your look! And I want your trench.

I love this stuff. Part deux.

I’m getting that something’s going on with these trenches…

And off we go, a quick stop. It’s nice that the café is 10 feet from the next show.

Besides, it’s time for my latte. Big hugs! Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan.