Right now, I’m realizing that the times, they are a changin’. Fashion weeks are a crazy little world for me now. When I get to a show, someone usually grabs me by the hand and smiles as they guide me to my seat. They call me just to make sure that I’m going to be at the show. They double check, triple check and get all upset if I ever miss one. Ahah! Yep! Times have changed!

It’s bizarre just how accepting and rejecting fashion can be. Between moments of absolute snobbery to false flattery, you learn quick to trust nothing but your own heart. To bring close only those whom you feel good with, to be no one but yourself and to see fashion only for what you love about it.

I like London because fashion here is young, it’s all over the place and not at all snobbish. Like get this, one of the shows that put the biggest smile on my face on Saturday was TopShop Unique. Gotta have it, am I right?

But it’s cool at the same time to watch a show and know that you could go out and buy the stuff.

It was a show that completely referenced the forest with lots of furs, clogs, big sweaters, layering short over long, khakis and browns. Kinda like how Tara is dressed, in the photo just above here. She’s in charge of the accessories for TopShop… Just to give you an idea of the coolitude of their creative team. So now, all I have to do is find 3 hours (Because that’s the minimum you need to find something)(I tried doing it in less… not possible)(Totally frustrating) of free time to go run around TopShop. Ahhhhh but that’s never going to haaapppeeennnnn!!! Too, too, too many things to see and do during fashion weeeeek.

Wait what?

Not even enough time to go shopping?

Shit. Times, they are a changin’.

Translation : Tim Sullivan.