I love the weather in New York. It’s always so extreme. Extreme sun, extreme snow, extreme wind, extreme rain. EXTREME COLD.

So to be an ATF, (All-terrain-fashionista)(oooooh no, stupid ass terms, time for me to get some rest.) you need a good parka.

I have a blue one. I have a khaki one… But I never thought of a white one. Cooool.

Plus, icing on the cake of this one here is that for all the girls that are terrible at layering, there is an unexpected frill of silk integrated right into the back.

Super cute, like, the ultra girly version of a military parka. The brand is Sacai. Ever heard of it ?

EDIT As I can see that you looove it : the bag is a Proenza Schouler PS1. Sublime, indeed ! Kisses !

Translation : Tim Sullivan.