I can’t believe it. You’ve actually succeeded in getting me to publish a picture of myself. Aaaaah bravo!!!

Okay, first thing’s first, I gotta tell you all something. I knew that people like to talk about hair, me more than anyone, but I would’ve never believe it was such a thing. IT’S SO CRAZY!!! EVEN CARINE ROITFELD talked to me about my hair!!! 3 PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME were touching my hair in the front row and Taylor Tomasi seriously screamed when she saw me yesterday. And Anna Wintour? Pfff, oh so jealous*. And so much mail asking me for explanations about my BOO? I’ve gotta start my own hair-style blog. Whaddya think?

I gotta say that I teased you a little. I barely gave you any explanation… Technical stuff isn’t quite my strong-suit , but you can find it all at the end of this post.


Listen up.

After 34 years of battling my hair, 5 hours at the salon, and 3 days without washing my hair which I have NEVER done in my life…


Yeah, I gotta say that I had to really want it. Three days spent fighting off any DROPS of anything whatsoever. I had to keep my eye on any moisture that could accumulate anywhere near my head. Three days screaming at any snowflake that would caress my cheek, Chris and Scott are still cracking up at me. Three days I couldn’t even go to Starbucks worried that the barista would attack me with her steam machine. Three days of… BABY, WHOSE THE ASTRONAUT IN THE BATHROOM? It’s me. Why? Yep, I’ve got a shower cap + a scarf to hold it down + a towel to insure everything runs smoothly. Don’t be afraid. It’s all good.

So all that raised the pressure. The hunt for drops. Everyone touching my hair. And on top of that, you wanted a photo.

This morning, when I charged like a zodiac taurus (?) toward the bathroom, the suspense was palpable. Everyone at Garance Doré Studio was on the edges of their seats (there’s 35 of us actually, did you know that? And that’s not counting the free-lancers!). I jumped into the shower, and when I came out… With wet hair. Normal. So to see the result, had to wait until it dried… Naturally.




(I’m going to take advantage of this little interlude to tell you just how great a daily shower is without special equipment. Everyday, it’s important to appreciate the little things.)



A half-hour later, it was dry. I went to go see myself in the mirror. And right then, I let out a cry of joy.


My hair was wavy yet messy, super shiny, sublime. I was so happy I decided opened up a bottle of champagne. But Scott said no. Granted, it was 8 in the morning. He said we’d open it that night! But also it was Valentine’s Day! Wahoooo! Happy Vantiiiiiiiiiiine’s Day to yoooooooouuuu! Yep.

I kept jumping for joy, smiling, dancing, I got all dressed up and was out the door. And right then, pooooooooooffffff!!!!! A gust of wind that only New York could muster attacked me. My hair? STRAIGHT AS BAGUETTES.

C’mon, not fair. Shit. So now we have a new problem. And my waves?

You see where I’m going with this girls? I HAVE THE PROBLEMS OF A GIRL WITH STRAIGHT HAIR. How cool is that?

Okay, I gotta let you go. I’ve got a bottle of champagne to open.



Big hugs!


*So that’s why she passed by me all fast pretending like she didn’t see me.


The treatment had 5 points.

– My hair-dresser is a genius with an angel’s smile named Thomas Heinz.

– What I had done wasn’t a Japanese straightening, not even a Brazilian Blowout actually. It’s a Keratin Treatment, and what’s awesome is instead of destroying my hair, it was good for it because:

– Pretty much it covers up the hair with keratin (the protein hair is made of) and then they straighten it with a flat iron that penetrates through the keratin (you see what happens when I try to be technical?) and then you wait for it to harden… Hence three days without washing. And that’s what straightens it.

– And then it lasts 6 months. No need to brush and blowdry, no need to anything (which is nice because I’ve never been able to do my own hair).

– It’s pretty expensive, but I get the impression that’ll all be worth it.


PS : The picture is from Scott Schuman, my valentiiiiiiiiiiine ! <3

Translation : Tim Sullivan.