So in New York City, everyone’s there watching the snow melt, REFREEZE and then we all try not to step in one of the giant mud puddles.

Well, on top of that I’m also trying to not get my hair wet and I have to make huge gestures to everyone who doesn’t recognize me. “Oooohhh my god! That you Garance? That’s quite the hair you have, makes you look 12 years younger!”

“What? You think I look like I’m 8 years old?” Ahahahaha, I’m so funny.

I saw a terrible runway show, an amazing runway show, I saw André Leon Talley run, Cameron Diaz drink a cup of tea and a ran into Laurel with her aviator hat and it totally irritated me.

Not Laurel. It’s awesome and looks great on her. Nope, what irritated me is that I thought of that movie Amelia.

Aaaaaah that movie pissed me off.

And I mean c’mon, it got off to such a great start! Just picture it… A film about Amelia Earhart, an incredible aviator with a great sport-chic style who lived during a really cinegenic time period. I thought that with a movie like that, we’d all want to be pilots and dress in Hermes leather jumpsuits.

But then yeah, not at all. The style aspects were almost too beautiful, it was totally over exploited: a new outfit in every single shot (Now, the same rules don’t apply to Gossip Girl. It’s okay there.), with flamingly new clothes, shiny leather, and shirts ironed twice and the worst: the movie is orange. Yeah okay I get it, it’s a period piece, but I dunno, too much light filter kills the filter. It was just irritating. Grrr. Failure.

So it was actually great to run into Laurel. She gave me back my desire for a job switch. I’m gonna be a pilot! And I’m gonna watch one of my favorite movies again… Aviator!

I gotta be off now. I’m talking about nothing at all and I’ve got a dinner to get to. My friends are waiting for me and given that they might not recognize me with my new hair, I really shouldn’t be late. Even if I am already late… Ah, if only I were pilot, I could just hop in my plane…

PS: Back from dinner. I just collapsed on the table at the restaurant because of jet lag and I just just heard myself say, “NO, I CAN’T GO TO A PATTI SMITH CONCERT TONIGHT WHO’S AT MILK STUDIO TWO MINUTES AWAY FROM HERE BECAUSE I’M SO TIRED, YOU UNDERSTAND GIRLS, IT’S LIKE 5 A.M. FOR ME!”(one day, I’ll think about the night when I skipped out on a Patti Smith concert because of jet lag, and I’ll cry singing Gloria like an idiot.)(I did already see her. She’s amazing.)(G-L-O-R-I-A!!!)

As bad at this as I am, I would never have made it through the Atlantic.

But to wear a leather Hermès jumpsuit, I’m totally in!

Translation : Tim Sullivan.