It’s cool to observe the coming-and-going of style inspiration. Today, I braided my hair on the side without even thinking about, just because why not?

When I ran into Giorgia with the exact same hair-style, I really thought something was up.

And then I remembered the Alexander Wang show. I loved his collection and the hair-styles were so crazy wild. So much so that I found myself waiting for the models to come up so I could take their picture.

Cool cool cool! Seeing as having super beautiful hair is one of my resolutions for the year, I think gathering up ideas for hair styles would definitely help me transform my bad-hair days (all too frequent) into good hairdo-days (Is there a good way of saying that in French? Jour de bonne coiffure?  Oh goodness, that sounds so bad!)

So what do we think today is…? Hold on, lemmie check.

Errrrrrrrrg.  BAD HAIR DAY.

Here we go! Braids! Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan