I love big sweaters. I definitely like them on me, but I like them even more on a man. It just does it for me. Especially when it’s worn as well as this.

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A few days ago at Luca Roda in Pitti, I saw one of these cardigans à la Steve McQueen* with a scarf neck**. It was camel-colored*** and total Thomas Crown affair. I almost felt myself grow Faye Dunaway’s nails I was so excited. I showed it to Scott**** saying, “You want to wear a grandpa cardigan like this? Could you do that for me? I love a young guy in a grandpa cardigan*****!!!”

He says, “Is it ok my darling if I say NO ? They don’t work on me.”

I tell him, “Okay well, we’ll make a deal: I’ll buy one for you and you can wear it only around the house?”

He gave me a weird look. But after the old-italian-man in heels on the toilet incident, I can’t really blame him.


* Steve McQueen: Absolute idol. My style icon… After Scott, of course.****

** The sweater collar. Just seeing those words together makes me all weak in the knees.

*** Camel-color = eternal love.

**** What’s with me talking about Scott all the time right now? Well, I guess it is men’s fashion week. That’s gotta be it!!!

***** I know, I have issues.

Translation : Tim Sullivan