Aha!  I did end up running into a girl in Pitti. Ilaria. I saw her long mysterious silhouette pass by and right away, she reminded me of pictures of my mother from her golden age in the ’70s. I went to go meet her.

We got along instantly. It had to be the hats that brought us together.  With her vintage Aquascutum coat and her Borsalino, Scott had a good laugh when he saw us together: we were practically wearing the same thing.

But this was not the case the next day: she showed up wearing this huge sweater. Vintage Ferragamo. Aaah.

Ilaria loves getting inspiration from the late ’70s, early ’80s. Back then, Bardot was wearing big hats, Birkin, flowy white shirts and high waists, and Rampling was in sweaters and turbans… And all of them were in boots and the cinched coats that I love so much. Ilaria and I kept talking…

We ended up with the same thought: Hats are fun. You get so many compliments, lots of attention and when you finally take it off, you feel naked. It’s really addictive!

Conclusion: I went back to Borsalino yesterday in Milan, and I tried on these two hats… I think I’m gonna get this one, top & bottom image. I like that it’s very feminine, I like the rounded top, the soft texture and the elegance of its ribbon. What do you think?

Translation : Tim Sullivan