Sometimes I wonder what exactly I’m looking for traveling all the time. Scott was asking me, “Come to Pitti*!” and I was all, “No. I want to get home… What am I going to do there?  There’s no where for me to go. It’s not my scene. It’s not my style.” And he said, “But we’ll be together!”

Aaaaaah… If you’re gonna sweet talk me like that… Of course, I went.

When I got there, I found myself completely lost in an ocean of virility with no idea what to do with my camera. When it comes to guys, ask them for a picture and they tighten up a little. They either try to charm you or they get really timid. But to watch them go by, see how they live, talk among them or even catch them staring at me like some kind of exotic creature, I was beginning to see what was going on there in Pitti… an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else.

So I decided that it’s up to me too look at them like exotic creatures. I started to take pictures of them when they weren’t looking.

I like observing men in Pitti. They’re not scared to like fashion. I like how much goes into it, how refined it is, the elegance and the panache that Scott knows how to photograph so well. There’s an attention to every last detail.

Little by little, I started to understand what I was looking for traveling so much. It’s what I love most: a good surprise. To find myself in a different universe, meet new people, learn how to dive head first into a new atmosphere.

Find inspiration: it’s as simple as that. And of course, above all, traveling, for me, it’s to be a little closer to…

my man.

Bonne journée!


*Pitti is a Menswear trade show.

Translation : Tim Sullivan