If I never talk to you about interior design, it’s not because I don’t like it.  Oooooh no. It’s because I live in an apartment so small that I could be getting work done while cooking and taking a bath all at the same time, and then on top of that, any new piece I get forces a different one out. Okay, out the door you go. Poof.

Granted, this doesn’t apply to shoes, OF COURSE, which, for some reason, give me a malicious pleasure to accumulate. And don’t even get me started on how I store all of them. Maybe one day I’ll make a post about it and we’ll all crack up. BUT NOT BEFORE I FIND AN APARTMENT, otherwise it’ll drive me nuts. Oh goodness…

If I never talk to you about interior design, it’s also because I have some mega-complexes: I know nothing about it. My sister, who has the classiest house and enough furniture to sink a ship, (It’s in her blood. She bought her first Napoleon III era table at 19) can tell you the designer of any and every piece of furniture including the year and design-house as if it were perfectly normal. Hmmm. Laeti. I love your science.

SO how is it that I can write you thousands of words on whatever subject, even if I’m a total dunce about it?) So. In Rio, I had the chance to get to the hotel Fasano. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in an awesome hotel… But the design there got me particularly excited. I was like a little kid. Wahoo!  So I thought I’d take some photos.

Nope. I’m not even going to start telling you about what this is supposed to be, but you’ll get soon get that I like scandinavian design and wood.

Wild flowers, the kind you’d bring back from a long walk — ok ok ok, So at Fasano, maybe it’s more of the kind of bouquet that you’d put together after you took a long walk in a rainforest. Yeah, that’d help. But I like lilies and roses. Oh and peonies. Yeah, I have no design personality at all.

All you need is to put out some wood, some carpets, something a little rough around the edges, and some scandinavian accent furniture and I’ll be swooning. Oh and some old photos too. I can’t believing I’m sitting here describing my photos to you. Okay, I’ll hush up.

AAAAAH NOOOO! I just can’t. I have to show you the pool. It’s in the dreamiest spot, perched on the roof where the stars frolic and I try to play it cool in my bathing suit scarfing down coconuts. I’ve gotta give you a post about that as well BUT LATER or else that’ll drive me nuts, TOO.

No but seriously, this pool is awesome.

This is the little set you get with your room key. A beautiful little notebook and a map of Rio painted with watercolors and lots of good ideas on where to go. I took 12. What did you expect?

So yeah, I just realized I only took pictures of wood. Goodness, I’m obsessed. It’s not good to be a monomaniac like that Garance. It’s unfortunate because you only get to see a little part of the hotel design. No, damn, how stupid was that?

Yeahhhhh oooooh. That was definitely my downfall. Fasano, my photos haven’t done you justice. Pffffff…

Oh darn, I’ll just have to go back. You coming ?

Translation : Tim Sullivan