So as I was saying, the heat… What’s better than white coton when it’s gettin’ up above 104? I came across a whole bunch of girls wearing these long light blouses. While I was suffocating in my shorts, their cotton shirts, whenever there was even the smallest of breezes, the shirts would fly up ever so slightly.  So sensual.

Then yesterday, I went into a men’s clothing store with Scott (Scott, he’s a guy and he goes to more boutiques than I do)(And he buys more magazines than I do too)(oh and he knows how to sew!)(Okay, enough)(Oh, and I’m in Florence!)(Come see us at his booksigning tonight at Luisa!) and I bought a big white pajama shirt, and it’s so beautiful I’m going to wear it as a dress with a belt as soon as the sun starts shining through. Even if here, errrrrrrrggg… IT’S SUPER COLD OUT!

I guess I’m the girl who never quite left Rio… But you gotta understand where I’m coming from: this is the first time I’ve ever gotten out of the cold in January. And I still feel like I have the sun in my eyes and sand in my hair.

Summer in winter… It really is just too good.

Translation : Tim Sullivan