It was really hot in Rio. Every morning, I had to get my camera ready for the temperature shock between the -10 degrees inside in the air-conditioning to the +104 degrees outside. As soon as you set a foot outside, you’re literally swimming in sweat. Makeup melts right off. Any and every pair of shoes are incredibly uncomfortable and so you take them off and forget them somewhere.

The girls are amazing. It’s totally true. They are sublime. They dress with simplicity and taste. The coolest of them all wear flats. I didn’t come across too many fashion addicts.

But before I go talking to you about style, I’ve gotta set the scene a little. I think that in Rio, you can’t really talk about style without talking about the style of life. So, first of all, Rio in January consists of…

The heat. I love the moist veil that covers the skin after just a few minutes in the heat. I think it’s so sexy.

The beach. Everyone goes to the beach. I don’t really know the dos and don’ts, the ins and outs, but these giant packed beaches are little universes in it and of themselves.

The scenery. Absolutely amazing. I could do an entire post about the trees, the agave, the… Pfff I don’t know most of the names. But my favorite will always be the palms. These trees always bring back my wanderlust. Quite funny as I was pretty much born under a palm tree…

The body. I’ve often heard that in Brazil, body-worship abounds, but being there, I really started to understand why. And yes, it’s true that you want to go jogging right away after you get there (I don’t know why, I haven’t lived this healthy since… well… never really. One morning I woke up and whoaaa, just like that, off I went running. JUST LIKE THAT? Usually, in Paris, I will only get out my running shoes if it’s life and death.) and the lifestyle is definitely more physical than in… Paris, but it’s not only the perfect-body-worship that stuck with me… it was more the worship of the exposed body.

Here you can be in a bathing suit in the middle of the city and no one will think anything of it. It’s completely normal. Even going to the bank in a bikini. Or even at the grocery store… or even skateboarding.

Oh man, I’m talking too much and it’s really late!!! Okay, I’m off to get some sleep and I’ll be back so so so so soon to tell you all the rest!!! Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan