It’s my first time to Brazil and I can’t believe I’m leaving already. It’s summer here. I left a very snowy Paris in my parka, tights, gloves and my winter hat, and arrived in the 104-in-the-shade in Rio.

I’ve always dreamt about this city, the photos and all the things, good and bad, that people have told me.

First impression: WOW. Even if I only caught a glimpse in just a few days of the incredible charm and complexity of Rio’s culture, it didn’t take me more than a day to slide into its mesmerizing rhythm, frantic and smooth at the same time, absolutely irresistible.

So… I’m not gonna write you a poem. I just finished my caipi vodka con limão siciliano e morango. I’m at the airport struggling to still my beating heart.

But I’ll be back tomorrow with a bunch of photos. It’s fashion week here, Fashion Rio, and in between runway shows, I met a few very hospitable cariocas. Okay, I’m uploading all this and I’ll be back!!! Muitos beijos!

Translation : Tim Sullivan