High-wasted bermuda shorts, you really have to know how to wear them, but at the same time, they can be quite the gem. My sister gave me a pair a few days back, black leather, so beautiful, and and ever since I’ve been turning around in them. And then it was so nice to come across Zuzana, so classy, with her Chloé bermudas.

Oh but yes!!!

A pair of bermudas (I love it!) + A white button-down (I love it!!) + A nice long coat (I love it!!!) = Moi.

Moi, yep, moi!!! You know, MOI, the fille Chloé! Tall*, modern, liberated, great with proportions**, her hair in the wind and comfortable in her effortlessly stylish outfits***.

Except for in reality, that all doesn’t really work. At least not yet. There’s something a little weird. Sometimes, bermudas totally work on me, but there’s something off… like the proportions don’t quite work. My bermudas, they come up a little too high, and I want to pull them down all the time and I feel all dressed up. My shirt isn’t fluid enough, my coat is too long, and of course, what I always have as a problem: I hate tights.

But, my children, I’m far from having said my last word. I’m working on it. Yep. Garance vs. Bermudas. Sounds like a good little bout, huh?


* ???

** Whoa, Gaga, that’s quite the quality to possess!

*** And in 2010, nothing has changed, I still express myself like an angsty teenie bopper!

Translation : Tim Sullivan