Aaaaaaaand… Happy New Year!!!

I really missed you guys, and I’m super excited to get back to you with:

– Lots of new resolutions from the 31st that I wasted no time breaking on the first. Don’t ask me why I still go for the resolutions, the whole New Years thing has a huge effect on me.

And this is the only time when I read horoscopes – ALL the horoscopes. I read ’em all until I find a good one. (This year, it was Elle’s)(Looks like Jupiter is sending me some luck this year, and is pushing me to change my job (?) (—> Wait, but what exactly is my job to start with?!!), to let my personality bloom and to travel. Wait wait, while we’re on traveling, here’s my first resolution:

Sleep. Jet Lag + too short nights + a life pace that’ll drive you nuts + no physical activity (No, walking in heels doesn’t count and it looks like flats are making their comeback.)(so not cool/so not cool)(take out whichever doesn’t work) = no joke, it’ll put 10 years on you right away and no quantity of botox can change that (… or so I’d like to think). So, SLEEP. Which hopefully will lead to me hearing things like…

When Scott got to the airport in Ajaccio, he said to me, “Whoooaaaa, I forgot how beautiful you are!!!” Hmmmm. “Thank you, but it’s just that I’ve had 4 days where I’ve gotten to sleep as much as I’d like. I came back to human form. THAT’S IT. Really though.”

To let you all in on my reflections on fashion, develop my critical thinking, analyze trends and give you my opinion on Anna Wintour the world around us. Ha!  I’m just joking here!

Be more present for my friends and read my mail instead of Twittering nothingness.

To let you in on my profound mind-wanderings about the craziness that is Twitter. Twitter is stupid. Follow me.

Continue writing in bold. Hmmm, another broken resolution.

Giving. My true resolution is to learn how to give. I’m serious here, no joke. So now I have to put together plan of attack.

Find the perfect hair products and have the hair of my dreams. (Ok. I’m a little ashamed of this one.)

Quit chocolate. My eternal resolution. It never works, but I think the guilt that this resolution inevitably leads to gives you better tasting chocolate. Yes, you can go ahead and read that sentence again. And there you go, this (the taste of chocolate) explains that (my taste for chocolate! Haha!).

Get some exercise. Give my opinion. Cook. Stop (still!) smoking. Get organized. Work more. Stop with the BS. Buy better.

Write shorter posts.


Seeing the inconsistencies in my NYPs (Yes, of course it’s necessary, the New Years Post, it’s a main-stay here on the Doré. I told you that the new year is important to me), so seeing the inconsistencies, I went back and read my NYPs from 2009 and 2008 (Seriously? 3 years?)(DON’T EVEN DREAM ABOUT GOING BACK TO 2007. I’m not that crazy. And I’d like to leave my archives alone out of respect for the minx I was back then and just let me keep thinking that they don’t exist, PLEASE! And I realize that it’s pretty much the same kind of nonsensical and messy post but it’ll nag at me for the next few months of 2010.)

Oh man, I’ve gotta stop or else Tim is going to be translating until the wee small hours (Happy New Year Tim!) (Sorry for the lengthiness!) and on top of that NEVER do I succeed in keeping any of my resolutions.

But I’m happy that the decade has switched over, even if it makes me feel like a T-Rex being born in the 70s (and right now, seeing as I want to keep this human form, I really have to get some SLEEP, or else I’ll REALLY start looking like a T-Rex), but I do think we live in exciting times. The world is changing and I’m really excited to see what the future holds… What I’m trying to get to… The ever-present existential question:

High-heels or flats?

Ooookay. I’ll stop with the drivel. Thank you all for being here, and big big big hugs and I’ll see you tomorrow!!!

LAST MINUTE NOTE! Tim just sent me the translation and here’s what he said, “I just got back from the holidays and I’m totally excited about all the people like you who made resolutions (because that means that my yoga classes (Yep, Tim is a yoga teacher AS WELL) are full full full!”

Translation : Tim Sullivan