“Wait, what? Your cousin is Joseph Altuzarra? No way!!! Lily, I love his work!’

Joseph Altuzarra, I dunno if you know who he is, but he’s the darling of all New York right now. His runway shows are boiling hot, and his clothes are sexy and modern, and the tailoring, the colors, and his materials make me so giddy. So when my friend Lily told me about her cousin, this came out all by itself:

“So… any chance you want to go take pictures in his studio?”

Lily was totally in, because she and her cousin get along great. She’s a big fan of his work, and since she lived and worked with him, she knows him like the back of her hand. I liked the idea of having her try on some of his outfits, and of course, tell me more about him:

“Joseph has always been brilliant. Whenever he decided to try something, he’d hold onto the idea until it took shape. I’m serious! When he was younger, he decided to become a champion swimmer. A year later and poof, he finished first in his competition. So when he was 10 and told me that he wanted to design clothes, I knew that one day, it would happen.”

And that’s how two years ago, after working with Riccardo Tisci, Joseph decided to come back to NYC and make his own brand name. Took him only two years!!!

The great thing about a young brand is just how much you can sense the designer in everything. The press, the sales, all of it. He even came by to say hello. In perfect french (he grew up in Paris), he told me a little about himself, with simplicity and intelligence that right away made me think of Alexander Wang. Both of them are incredibly young (Joseph is 25), are really present in all aspects of their brand, both understand women and are part of a new generation of designers who have, I find, upped the ante on the fashion world.

… and make crazy-amazing accessory lines.

I am so completely in love with these shoes. Oh yeah, no biggie… Just completely head-over-heels in love. No but seriously now, have you seen these boots? I love them! … and check this out.

Ok, I’ll take all of them (cape and pants included) and then we can talk a little more, ok?

Well there you have it. I gotta get going, but you can show yourself around his site to see a little more of his last collection. And I mean this so sincerely Joseph, I really can’t wait to see what’s next.

Oh and Lily, really, thank you, thank you, thank you. Vive la famille! (haha, this girl gets excited all the time) Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan