Yesterday, Diane and I went to go visit Bess, the boutique everyone’s talking about in New York right now. Yeah… right now… I bet I’m getting the memo a little late, as usual, but hey, we got there, didn’t we? But yeah, if you told me about a boutique with studded clothes from floor to ceiling, I’d say yeah, sounds nice and all, but we’ve already seen studs everywhere, am I right?

Except for the fact that who cares?! I loved it. It’s dark in there and you can barely see anything. All of the outfits are black. There’s really bizarre music playing (but awesome). And you get the concept in the first second: stud-up the outfits almost to the point of obsession. … on some gloves, a scarf, a bustier, even on vintage pieces but then also…

Minnetonkas! Wow, aren’t they SO BEAUTIFUL? Even I, who doesn’t like studs nor Minnetonkas, was totally ready to grab the boots and run when we set up to take these pictures.

So in short, I was inspired. And it almost made me think that no one should care if you come at the beginning, the middle, or the end of a trend. What’s so great about Bess is this completely simple idea that when realized with energy, passion, rock’n roll and a decent dose of OCD, the idea took life and poof! You have no idea why, but it works. Okay, off we go, I’m gonna go buy some studs. Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan