Can you figure out where I am?

How’d you know already?

Yeahhhhh, okay. I’m in NYC. Yeah, it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. And I’m so busy with jobs and people to see and things to do that I don’t even have time to tell you about:

#1: Why I HATE shine-erasers. (They’re gross!)

#2: How I had to buy the same shoes three times at Zara. (It’s as true with Zara as it is with casinos; The house always wins.)

#3: How I lost some weight thanks to Anna Wintour. (This one I TOTALLY have to tell you about.

#4: Why I NEED a hat this winter. (Just because.)

#5: What a yoga class is like on the Upper East Side. (To go or not to go?)

#6: What Shame is the New Fame really means. (You learn something new everyday in NYC.)

#7: How to miss a plane in style. (Yes, yes, you totally can!  It happened to me on Saturday!)

How stupid is this? I feel I need 54 hours in every day. In the meantime, I send big hugs and I’ll be back soon!!!



Translation : Tim Sullivan