As the days get shorter, as I get a cold, as it rains and the temperature lowers, I take it all as a sign. It’s a sign that the moment I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived… !

Time to wrap myself up in plaid, make myself a good cup of tea, and plunge into a TV show. And if it all possible, the most regressive, the most immoral, the most insufferable, the most fashionable, the most delicious show on television: Gossip Girl.

Voilà, that’s how I spent my entire weekend in a limo on the Upper East Side with Blair, Serena and Chuck.

And then at another moment in time, as you don’t want to get too zombie-eyed, I decided to stick my head outside for a bit and have a coffee with my friend Eleonora.

C’moooonnnnnn… Eleonora, you do that on purpose?

PS: I apologize to everyone who has no idea what Gossip Girl is, nor who Blair Waldorf is… But one of her trademarks is having knots in her hair… And she really has sort of a family resemblance to Elenora! Ok, back to the real world now! Bonne journée !

Non maaaaiiiis… Eleonora, tu le fais exprès ou quoi ?


PS : Pardon pour ceux qui n’ont aucune idée de ce qu’est Gossip Girl ni de qui est Blair Waldorf… Mais un de ses trucs, ce sont les noeuds dans les cheveux… Et elle a un sacré air de famille avec Eleonora ! Allez, retour à la vraie vie ! Bonne journée !