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Sunday, 8:45 p.m. : I’m in front of the Espace Pierre Cardin. All my cocktail dresses and favorite outfits are lost unto forever and I have nothing at all to wear, but I could care less, I’ve got my backup Jane Birkin style with my white button-down from ’82, I should even carry around a wicker basket to top off my look. And look at that, I even found some earrings in the pockets. Pffff. So. Classy.

8:46 : Not so fast, I wouldn’t dare get there all by myself. I try to look like I’m sending texts. I put on another layer of lipstick.

8:46 : Vanessa Seward walks in front of me, and over her beautiful face, a netted diamond veil. And with her, in a night cape, Bertrand Burgalat.

8:47 : Camille Bidault walks in front of me, with a giant hat and a sublime fur.

8:48 : Ludivine Sagnier walks in front of me in a dress full of frillies and a sublime man.

8:49 : Dita Von Teese walks in front of me in a polka-dot Dolce dress and she is sublime.

8:50 : Anna Mouglalis walks in front of me in Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld, aka – the ultimate accesory.

8:51 : Pfffffffff.


8:51 : Text from Sophie : “I’m coming.”

8:51 : Text from Sophie : “I’m disguised in a Little House on the Prairie getup. If we’re gonna look stupid, we’re in it together.”

8:51 : Text from Sophie : “I’m here.”

8:52 : Sophie could have, effectively,  just walked out of Little House on the Prairie, but the Italian Vogue version. I put my arm in hers and Amira Casar walks in front of us. She says bonsoir. Cooool! Amira Casar is like a God to me. I think she’s sublime, perfectly put together, bold, and I love her voice. She gives me a huge smile and tells me that she likes my jacket. Ha!

9:00 : I’m in the middle of a big conversation with Clothilde Coureau about the future of the woman. She’s so cool! And on top of that, she told me she likes my jacket. Come into my arms.

9:10 : Babeth Dijian welcomes me with a big smile, but a bit stressed out, so not even one look at my Target lipstick.

9:49 : No, no, I don’t want to leave anything at the coat check. Why? I don’t care that it’s hot. Everyone loves my jacket. I won’t take it of for ANY reason. And another layer of lipstick…

9:56 : The room is lit in candlelight and there’s no air conditioning. I’m hot.

9:57 : I’m hot.

9:58 : I’m hot.

9:59 : I look around to see if anyone has a shirt whiter than mine. And then, look out, drum roll please… I take my jacket off.

9:59 : No one sizes me up.

9:59 : COOL! No one sizes me up!!!

10:01 : No but seriously now, no one sizes me up. C’mon. What do I have to do? Come in jogging pants?

10:01 : Sophie, “Exactly like I said!!! No use losing your head over something like this.”

Well there you have it. Sorry to lead you on, but what ended up happening was just real life: I neither won the prize for the best dressed girl of the evening, nor did I get nixed by hysteric fashionistas. What ended up happening, actually, was NOTHING.

And that’s what’s so great!

Conclusion : It’s never worth losing your head. Never cancel a party for stupid reasons. Never take yourself too seriously. Call Sophie Fontanel for all your people or fashion questions. Always leave a good staple at the front of your closet. AND ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD LIPSTICK WITH YOU. It’s good for self-confidence. It was Gwyneth who said (thank you Dana),

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.



PS: It’s good to talk about nothing, but it’s important to say as well that the gala was a party to support the OTM foundation, that works with, among other things, constructing schools in Rwanda. Thank you Babeth.

Translation : Tim Sullivan