Barcelona always makes me euphoric*. It’s got to be the mediterranean sun, the weather, the architecture**… Every time I’m there, I spend hours just walking, eyes in the sky and a blissfully large smile***. Of course, it’s got something to do with the people.

Picture this:

I ran into Alexandra and right away, fell in love with her jean shirt and took her picture.

Then we were off to go have a coffee, and get this, in the middle of the café, she pulls off her jean shirt**** and she says it would be her pleasure to give it to me. And well, I said yes!

And now, as I’m writing you, I’m at my apartment in Paris, looking through my pictures from Barcelona (I’m warning you, you’re missing out on my terrible architecture photos, and my amazing pictures of food, and don’t even ask for ’em because I’ll publish them!!!*****) and I’m wearing Alexandra’s shirt and telling myself that this is the last time I go 10 years without going to Barcelona.

This town is like its people: a true gem!


*REALLY euphoric. Ok, it’s probably because years back, I would spend my weekends all Woooouuuuuuhh ouh oh all night long. Party girl, yeah. Wooooouuuuuhouuuu!!!! Where is Laurent Garnier playing??! Wait, is Laurent Garnier way too 20th century? C’mon leave me alone or I’ll publish my pictures of pas con tomate!

** Gaudi makes me happy. Jean Nouvel as well.

*** That’s probably how I almost ended up the perfect target for a pickpocket. Oh man, the cry I let out when I felt her hand in my pruse. That’ll teach me to listen to the 3457 nice Barcelonians who told me too watch out and close my bag.

**** Of course she had something on underneath, c’mon!

***** It’s official, between the States and Spain, I gained 7 pounds. So I’m seriously thinking about making a visit to Doctor Chenot… Or maybe take another hip-hop class, but I can’t figure out which of the two situations I would be the most ridiculous in.

But why, why, WHY is it so good to eat??!!?? Yeah, that’s the question of the day. Big hugs! Bonne journée!


* So it’s not so bad that they lost my suitcase, I totally get to spend all week in jogging pants! It’s a good thing, right? Aaaarrrrrrghhhhh!!!!

Translation : Tim Sullivan