Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh! And we’re back… To New York! This city gives me so much energy and so many new things on my wish list. I want…

More bustiers!!! Last week, I bought one at DKNY, and besides the fact that I had to run half naked through the store to find someone to help me close the thing, and that I ended up in the utility closet with 3 technicians saying I looked great in it*, the bustier is the ultimate article of the moment. Incredibly feminine with some baggy pants and heels for a party, super cool with a light sweater for daytime, oh I love them. I just love them!

Less heels!!! I walk, I walk, I walk, and I’m at wits end. It’s cold! Ballet slipper season is over, Converse, yeah they’re good sometimes, derbies are ok but less feminine. I can’t find anything. The result: yesterday, I almost bought myself a pair of Nike Air Max. These are serious times, between the shoes and my huge necklace, if this keeps up, I’m going to be the next Jay Z and Scott will have to be my Beyonce. Help!!! I need a flat shoe, cool & feminine, does it exist?

More cashmere!!! I went to Uniqlo yesterday because it’s good to spend money cold out, and today, if you aren’t wearing a cashmere sweater, no way you’re cool**. But no one had what I was looking for. So I would like to ask a question to all the sweater designers of the world. WOULD IT BE SO DIFFICULT TO DESIGN A SWEATER WITH A SEXY V-NECK? What’s with these tiny collars that only go to the clavicle? Where can I find a nice grey sweater, soft, and well tailored? Where?!?!?!!


* Diane Kruger thought so too. I had dinner with her day before yesterday, and she spent some time looking at it. Well, so maybe she was seated three tables to the right, and maybe she just glanced at it for a few seconds… But I mean c’mon, minor details here.

** Though I can say that good wool is always better than bad cashmere, but I’ll stop it with the grandma talk. I mean, I’m already looking for flats.

So I leave you now with Jay Z, just to give you an idea of what I’ll become if you don’t help me find a pair of flats and quick. I’m already singing this song all day and he talks about my Yankees hat in it. You tell me when you’re sick of me talking about my Yankees hat, ok?

And what’s this craziness of Alicia Keys playing the piano in Times Square?

Raaaah! Vive Hip Hop, Vive New York!

Translation : Tim Sullivan