Las Vegas! Casinos, hoards of tourists on pleasure quests, honeymooners, and its bigger-than-a-city hotels. Oh la la. We spent a weekend there, a little lost in the immensity of the thing. Especially since the slot machines don’t do anything for me and everything is done to make you lose every notion of night and day. In your hotel room, the light is filtered in such a way that you could believe it was day time all the time. Going out is a little complicated, because everything you do is indoors, in an ideal constant temperature that kind of dries out your throat.

Even so, it was beautiful outside. But really now, what’s with this? I had to get outside.

So when they told us there was a rodeo, I seriously screamed with joy. I always have dreamt of being a cowgirl. A cowgirl who fears not God nor Man, and with a beautiful belt buckle.

We got there right as the kids were preparing their Woolwranglers event. Too small to ride a bull, they straddle sheep. They develop their agility, learn how to face their fears, but above all, they learn the most important aspect of being a cowboy: the swagger.

The swagger… It’s all in the attitude. A cowboy never cries. He knows no fear. Okay fine… well, at least he never shows it. And it all comes out in a certain way he moves, the way he dresses.

A cowboy who knows no fear.

Cowboy boots that know no fear. HOW PRETTY ARE THESE?!

The swagger of a cowboy kid, just come from taming a sheep. I LOVE IT!!!

Swagger in the posture, with some chaps and Wrangler jeans, a must from a cowboy. I WANT SOME WRANGLER JEAN!

You see?! What did I tell you? Being a cowgirl is the best way to get yourself surrounded by burly men. No surprise that I fell in love with the last D&G show. YEAH! VIVA LAS VEGAS BABY YEAH! Okay fine, next time, I’m going straight to Texas.

Translation : Tim Sullivan