Yesterday, I came across Cédric not far from my house, just like this, looking all cool and reading his paperback in the sun. Of course, I started talking to him in my totally fluent angleeesh, and of course, it didn’t take him more than a second to ask me, “Tu es française?”

Ok, ok. Ok, I know what you’re going to tell me: that’ll teach me to not wear my Yankees cap. Two frenchies in NYC. So I talked to him about his jean shirt, told him I thought it was awesome, and then he showed me something that blew me away right there. It was so overwhelmingly romantic, I still have yet to recover.

The heart that his wife embroidered on the inside of the pocket of his shirt. Ah! Pfff. Little things like that, they just get me!

Okay, off we go. I’ve got hearts to embroider. Bonne journée!

PS: Cédric is a photographer, and most notably takes fascinating landscape shots. You can take a quick glance of his work here. Cédric, really, it was so nice to meet you!

Translation : Tim Sullivan