Aha! Here are the images from the shoot that I was showing you yesterday. Someone recently gave me some kind of mini-camera and ever since, I’ve been filming everything around me.

Chris, my assistant (yeah, I know, there’s been a lot of assistants)(I have to tell you all about this new part of my life before you go thinking that I’ve become André Leon Talley.)(???!!?? Oh goodness, what is she talking about?) (Because last time, I met André Leon Talley’s ASSISTANTS’ ASSISTANTS) (Yes, that exists)(and they’re really nice by the way)(But really, it’s so cool to work with a team!) Chris asked me if he could borrow my mini-camera just for whatever reason, to see it, and the morning after, he showed up with this.

It’s really simple, but that’s how I like it: surround myself with people I love, and don’t get too bogged down with the superflu… So yeah, I don’t know why, but this totally got me emotional… Merci Chris!

Et voilà! Big hugs! Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan