A few days before I left for New York, I met Agathe. Right away, bam! Total camera crush.

So yeah, I’m not the first to spot her. Agathe is a model. A white t-shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of boots, that’s the kind of thing she wears every day. I wanted to take her picture right away. And I loved that when I asked her what she would wear if she could wear anything, she said with no hesitation, “Balmain!”

And that’s how a few days later, Jade and I found ourselves with stars in our eyes at Balmain picking out for Agathe outfits straight from the runway SS 2010 collection. Aaaaah….

Ah, this Decarnin is fascinating with his clothes that are a little too everything. Too short, too much shoulder, too tight, too expensive, too sexy, his princess rock’n roll clothes that have girls dreaming.

And the shoot too was like a dream. You want to see a couple images from backstage?


Thank to Agathe and Viva, her agency, to KCD and Balmain and to my two dear assistants, Jade and Chris, who made this great moment possible. And big hugs to you!

Translation : Tim Sullivan