Outfit inspired by the Céline show.

So Sunday, I had a shoot. We all met up in the morning at my apartment. Models, assistants, but also TV, because TV has been following me around for about three weeks now. That’s a lot of people in my living room, and a lot of people I don’t know. We were all there, drinking coffee and scarfing down giant pain au chocolats waiting to head out to shoot.

Before everyone got there, I cleaned everything up. t’s a transitional time for me, time to lighten my load and get rid of stuff. I emptied out my cabinets throwing away anything I could find, like my Rabbit (yes, you heard well, my Rabbit, just like Charlotte in Sex & The City), which is bright pink and really really embarassing, looking all technological with things sticking out that move around and about every which way. And that I’ve tried to hide from my cleaning lady ever since my friends gave it to me during their Sex & The City no-woman-can-live-without-her-Rabbit delirium. Yeah…

As I like a little order in my chaos (translation: I’m a pile maker), I put everything in a big garbage bag that I leave right by the front door so the next time I’m heading out, I toss out the trash.

So we were eating giant pain au chocolats, and everyone had their coffee and we’re telling jokes, and we all get ready to head out. The sound tech told me to wait three minutes, that he’s going to put my microphone on… He’ll grab his stuff from the front door.

You see where I’m going here.



I hear someone yell from the front door,

“Heeeeeeyyyy!!! What’s going on! THIS GARBAGE IS VIBRATING OVER HERE!

Oh my god. My Rabbit wasn’t happy to see itself tossed out like an old sock and staged its rebellion. And it vibrated to the max-orgasmic, so much so that my garbage was doing leaps of joy in the front hall.

What would you have me do?

I cracked up laughing.

And here’s how I found myself explaining, to 12 people that I didn’t know, what was going on in my garbage can: and I did so exactly how I just explained it to you.

Was I blushing? Me? No, NEVER!!!

Translation : Tim Sullivan