Yasmin, one of the coolest girls on earth, am I right? While I was in London this past trip, I made a stop at her place to take some photos for Vogue.com.

I spent a long and magic afternoon there talking about fashion, trips, spirituality (you really have to read the article in British Elle where Yasmin talked about her spirtual life)(You want me to scan it in for you?) all while devouring a bowl of hummus.

To me, Yasmin is a true model of a woman, independent, creative, spirtual, beautiful, funny and happy, and at the end of this Une fille, Un Style, she might even let out the secret of her amazing hair-cut…

You can click on the images to make them bigger. And now, I’m off to Balmain, yaaaaaaahhh… Bonne journee!

Translation : Tim Sullivan