Woooohooooo!!! The new Vogue.com is live! And to inaugurate the site’s renaissance, I had the chance to follow around Carine Roitfeld during the fashion weeks.

First off, I’m so excited about this new collaboration with Paris Vogue. Because I’ll be working closely with the magazine team and will take you with me behind the scenes that always keep me dreaming. But also because the new Vogue.com gives me all the freedom in the world to express myself with larger images, sounds, and a lot of new things I’ll be playing with over the next year. And then because I can share everything with you, thanks to Tim who will be translating my articles with his legendary talent. (Tim, I love you.)

But for today, I’ll leave you to take a glance at these images. You can click on them to make them bigger. And soon, I will tell you about how I met Carine ?