I just back from a tiny little stint in London and… Aaaahhh, I’ve got three things to tell you about, and none of them have anything to do with the others. Ok for you? Cool.

#1: Michelle.

Michelle is a lawyer and photographer. But during the week, she is surely a lawyer. I always forget how lucky I am to work in fashion: I get to dress exactly how I want. For Michelle, it’s not at all the same. She’s gotta be chic and respected at the same time while still respecting dress codes that’ll drive you crazy. But she works it out really well. Like take this year, she invested in this three piece suit by Sportmax. It’s pretty… Professional, yet still has an attitude*.

#2: Gloria.

Gloria is the fashion director of Teen Vogue and she dresses exactly the way she wants, but it’s really easy when you work in fashion to only wear frouffy clothes. But Gloria always knows how to find the perfect balance between cheap & chic. The shoes are from TopShop… and even WORSE for a fashionista, they’re from last year! Ooooooh man, rebel without a cause! Belle and rebel**!

#3: Hedi

Je rentre tout juste d’un micro-saut à Londres, et… Aaarrh. J’ai trois trucs à vous raconter qui n’ont absolument aucun rapport. C’est pas grave ? Ok. Cool.

#1 : Michelle.

Michelle est avocate et photographe. Mais la semaine, elle est surtout avocate. J’oublie souvent la chance que j’ai de bosser dans la mode : je m’habille exactement comme je veux. Pour Michelle, c’est pas du tout pareil. Elle doit être chic et en même temps respecter toute la semaine des codes vestimentaires qui la rendent un peu dingue. Mais je trouve qu’elle se débrouille super bien. Par exemple cette année elle a investi dans ce costume trois pièces Sportmax, c’est beau… Pro, mais avec attitude*.

#2 : Gloria.

Gloria est fashion director de Teen Vogue et elle s’habille exactement comme elle veut, mais c’est vite facile quand on bosse dans la mode de ne se retrouver habillée qu’en trucs super griffés. Mais Gloria sait toujours trouver le bon équilibre entre cheap & chic. Les chaussures sont de chez TopShop… Et encore PIIIIIIIRE pour une fashionista, sont de l’année dernière ! Oooouh la la la rebelle ! La belle et rebelle** !

#3 : Hedi.

Hedi is a photographer. He’s also one of the greatest designers of our time, a world all his own, like god-like in my eyes. Saturday, as I hop on the Eurostar, I see him, looking simple and sublime (all gods are sublime) in his camel duffle coat THAT I DIDN’T GET A PHOTO OF SO YOU’LL HAVE TO JUST CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN MENTAL IMAGE because even gods need a private life.

The only thing that I allowed myself to do was, a second after seeing him, was to shove out, “excuse me, I gotta get by, question of life and death” and push all of the peons out of the way who didn’t see what they had. I slid my way next to him amidst all the boarding craziness. I took my two hands together and tried to breathe in as much of his creative genius as a I could in as much time as I could steal.

Voilà. If I ever get the chance to really meet Hedi Slimane, no chance he’ll want to talk to me after reading this. What? Of course he reads my blog. Gods see everything. What did you think?!

Bonne journée!


*”Professional, but with attitude.” : The two-bullet formula! What did I just say? Bahh… Ok, so in the end, I get what I’m saying. That’s what really matters, right?

** Belle and rebel.” : The most ridiculous formula in the world!

PS: Otherwise, the subject du jour that I totally missed: IT’S FRIGGIN’ COLD, WRAP YOURSELF UP IN A GIANT SOFT WOOL!!! Okay, off we go, there’s no helping me. Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan