An inspiring fashion editorial is a surge of inspiration. It’s like when I was 12 and I’d tear through my mom’s fashion magazines. I’d find a universe that transported me, a girl I suddenly wanted to be, a story that excited me that I saw myself a part of.

Except at the time, the name of the photographers were written really small on the edge, and the stylists were barely ever even listed. Luckily now, their work is far more recognized.

I loved the editorial in September’s Vogue. And it’s no surprise that it was by Anastasia Barbieri.

This editorial, it’s pure Anastasia. The masculine wardrobe, the relaxed femininity, the subtle touches, precious accessories… And a strong personality.

So there, and now, Anastasia, you wanna give me your Margiela suit? Maybe?

Herumf, no worries, I love you anyway!

Big hugs, bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan