Yoohoo! I told you I’d get back to you!!! As promised, the t-shirts born from my collaboration with Gap will be available starting tomorrow in a limited series exclusively at Colette. As promised, I’ll be there if you want to meet, or if you want me to sign the shirt, or if you want me to collapse into your arms, a little between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m.

And as promised, as not everyone lives in Paris, they’ll also be available online on Colette’s site.

So for once I’ve kept a promise, you better be on time! I’ll see you tomorrow!


PS I: Either just before or right after, take a stroll on the Champs Élysées to see the incredibly inspiring exhibition of Vogue covers. It’s an ode to creativity and I love it, pure and simple, even with my pumps destroying my feet.

PS II: Sorry for the very very very Parisian post.

PS III: I think I must be exhausted. I can’t even distinguish my friends anymore. I said hello to Anna WIntour because honestly, I was positive I knew her. Yet seeing as she didn’t respond at all, I realized that even though she’s a familiar face, it’s only because it’s Anna Wintour, the famous movie-star soon to be Oscared up. I put coffee in my champagne, I speak French to my sweetheart, English to my mom, and dog-talk to dogs, I say that I’d love to go to Dublin because man, Germany is beautiful this time of year, and I sent a sext message to my plumber. I’m telling you. One more week of fashion weeks : I feel like I’m gonna lose it.

Big hugs, bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan