Yeah okay, t-shirts are all good and well. But what if you started wondering what you’ll be wearing come winter? After I got back to Paris and had a night of about 72 hours of sleep, I stuck my nose outside and I definitely felt it. There’s a cool breeze out there. Yep yep, early in the morning, in the shade, it’s chilly.

So now it’s high time for me to get out my little notebook, my wish-list for autumn, which, I am convinced, will bedazzle you as much for its originality as for its realism. Aaaah Garance, your originality bedazzles us just as much your realism.

– Ever since I saw Kate Moss in the flesh and blood (Sorry for the lack of photo. You’ll have to take my word on this one. It was in one of those moments where I was trying to appear all cool and no way I’d be reaching for my camera.) with a hat (the same one as these pictures), I’VE WANTED A HAT. I know I’ll never wear it, I already tried one on. I couldn’t do any photography with it on, nor could I do the kiss kiss to my friends without poking someone’s eye out, nor go an entire day without sitting on it, forgetting it, or getting hissed out by the girl behind me at a runway show because she can’t see anything. But as I am completely inconsistent with the given evidence, I still want one.

– Ever since I saw Emanuelle Alt in her Marant thigh-high boots, I’VE WANTED MARANT THIGH-HIGH BOOTS. Last time, I called Carole, “Carole, I think I’m gonna have a break down over a pair of thigh-high boots.” She says to me, “Oh no! Garance, not you!” Oh yes me. She says, “Yeah, okay, they totally work sometimes, don’t they?” To Scott, “They aren’t too fashion-y are they?” He says, “Yeah, but why not? It’s good to have a super fashionable thing or two every season!” Villains! They’re playing my heart strings! Am I keeping you up to date or are you just really tired of hearing about thigh-high boots? I’d understand, oooh would I ever understand.

– Ever since I saw Taylor Tomasi wear a little coat with short sleeves to let the striped sleeves underneath show through, I’ve wanted a little coat with short sleeves to let the striped sleeves underneath show through. It was in February 20008, pretty much the same as saying the stone-age in fashion talk. Ever since, I’ve been looking. And finally, I’ve found one. It’s waiting at MaxMara. I WANT A MAXMARA COAT.

I want a woman-of-the-world clutch, a collection of cashmere sweaters, an iPhone just for the app that tells you where all the bike stations are in Paris (c’mon Garance…), some grey pants, a little gold cross (I’ve been looking for one for at least 4 years. I’m letting it be known, sending out an SOS!), a new apartment (I’ve been looking for one for 3 years, I’m letting it be known, sending out an SOS!), new white t-shirts, and a detox getaway at the Caudalie spa.


Kids, nothing works out anymore. According to my wish-list, I’m ruined. I think I’m going to have to cross something off immediately. Hmmm… Ah! I’ve got it! The white t-shirts! Yep, poof, done! Gone. That was almost too easy. All the happiness in life in the stroke of a pen.

Okay, off we go! Big hugs! Bonne journée! And remember remember remember: Stop rampant consumerism!

Translation : Tim Sullivan