1987, Mama. Dream body, sculpted to perfection. The shoulder pads couldn’t fit through the door*. More work than there was ever time for. A Golf convertible, three kids, a Vuitton bag, a Mugler blazer, 35 Philip Morris Bleues a day, bursts of laughter, all leading to an electric life.

A deep tan worked at with dry oil, heavy gold jewelry, unbelievable swimsuits, perfectly tailored, zip up, florescent, with a turtle neck designed by Stéphanie de Monaco. The brand was Pool Position, and I’m still recovering from that pun, it was that fantastic. Fantastic!

Yeah okay, so I was young.

I think it’s funny to see this style come back in flashes: shoulder pads, really pointy shoes, curly hair, studs, or neoprene. Back in the day, I remember seeing my mom and her friends dressed up in Montana. I liked it. They almost looked like cartoon characters. True wonderwomen almost surreal.

Honestly, it scared me just a little. I liked the idea that my mom was invincible, stronger than everyone, but then again, it always made me want her to get into a nice checkered apron and make delicious baked goods. But in the end, my dad had a way in the kitchen. And looked great in checkered aprons.

I love that, these dresses tailored to the millimeter on the lines of the body, strong femininity. I want Lisa Marie’s skirt, up above. I already have the pointy shoes and I’m going to get a pair of biker shorts**.

Yep. But don’t even ask. NEVER IN MY LIFE will I lift weights !

But then, I dunno… When styles come back like that years later, are they empty of their original meaning? What do you think of the 80s powerwoman? Does she get you dreaming? She scare you? She amuse you? What does she inspire in you?


* You have no idea the caliber of women’s shoulders back in the day. The last time I went digging through my mom’s closet to find her electric blue Montana blazer, I liked it alright. But the shoulder pads were HUUUUGGGEEEE! I told my mom about it. She looked at me with eyes wide open and said, “Oh, but I had already taken half of them out!”

** It’s horrible, but I love it!

Translation : Tim Sullivan