A wonderful fashion week, it’s like spending a night in a candy shop. Suddenly everything is beautiful, everything is shiny, brilliant colors, people are smiling and… well, it’s irresistible. You totally want to photograph everything.

I keep wanting to take photos of the crazy stuff I hear as well. So many bizarre-o things gets said during fashion weeks.

“Tell me, how’s my hair? Does my hair look editorial? Or just dirty?”

“If my chauffeur isn’t here in 2mn, I’m running to Jeffrey’s to buy some shoes.”

Rah, I feel like I’m living with the script-writers for Gossip Girl. It’s amazing.

Other then that, Garance Doré Studios just got a new memo. There’s a new trend: LEGS. At the Derek Lam show a few hours ago, shorts were transformed into panties, and night-gowns were closer to being really frilly yet sophisticated swimsuits. The idea was this: forget to wear the bottom. Yep yep! Look at Taylor right above. How AWESOME is that trend? And guess what, I went ahead and gave myself to it today. After all, someone needs to donate their body to science.

So I experimented with onlookers’ expressions for you.

When I realized that I have the most elegant pose when I’m shooting…

OH MAN. SHE’S CRAZY!!! That’s what everyone seemed to be saying when they saw me. Yep, I had on a jacket, okay good, a little oversized, with a rather short romper… And everyone had the impression I was wearing nothing underneath.  I’m telling you, idea of the century.

Voilà, there’s fashion week for you, it’s a wonderful time where everything is beautiful, everything shiny, and anything goes. A wonderfully joyful time, I love it! I love it. I love it. I love it until the indigestion sets in about a month from now.

In the meantime, show off those legs! You’ll get to hear stuff like this:

“Hey, Garance, you nut! I didn’t even recognize you, and then I recognized your legs!” (Hmmm… Thanks. I’ve got a face too.)

“Hey, Garance! You ok? You forget your pants? (Hmmm… A decent attempt. A little too easy, but a decent attempt.)(I’m really not into it.)(Pffff! what do I care?)

“Hey, Garance! I just totally fell in love with your knees.”

And there you have it! I’m telling you, we’re in for one crazy month! Okay I promise… Today, putting my pants back on. Ha! Big hugs!

And here’s a few photos from the Derek Lam show after the jump, just to prove to you that…

No, I’M NOT CRAZY! Or, at the very least, I’m not the only crazy one. AT LEAST that… Big Hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan


ps : picture of me and pictures of the Derek Lam show by Scott.