Welcome to London, center of the tropics. Get out the fans. It is splendid outside. SPLENDID!

Yep, splendid weather. Especially for everyone else.* Because I spent all day inside my exhibition space, where I spend most of my days sketching on the walls and drinking lattes. The rest of the time, I’m talking about the balance of colors* with Bob, my printer. And then sometimes, I sneak off to go see my friends and have a coffee.**

Yesterday, I gave myself an hour to go see Yasmin. I simply loved her outfit, her awesome accessories (The sunglasses! The surfboard around her neck! The Bracelets! The to-die-for Acne heels!) I don’t know how she’s able to stay so completely herself and so completely fashionable all while being so completely against the grain. I just don’t know! I don’t know. But then, I thought about it,*** and it has to be something celestial. And then I remembered this photo…

So. Are the planets aligned here or what?

So in short, we laughed, talked about a whole bunch of stuff, and then back I went to go draw on my walls.

I told myself*** that what’s awesome when it’s nice out is that even if you can’t go sit outside at a café, the sun really changes things, the ambient energy and the outlook of everyone, you even feel it inside through the windows.

Stepping up on my ladder with my colored pencils in hand, I saw my drawing begin to take form, little by little** ****. I put on some music and sang Phoenix en yaourt***** for hours and hours. I didn’t even see night fall.

Ah la la, beautiful moments…


* SO not cool.

** What a dream!

*** Warning: the return of cosmic philosophy…

**** Tomorrow, my goal in life: take photos: this is the first time I’ve made a drawing bigger than myself!  I have to show you all!

Translation : Tim Sullivan

***** So here’s the translation of Garance’s explanation of en yaourt (in yogurt) that she sent me, “en yaourt, it means in a faux english where you don’t understand anything at all, like ‘I waanagain nanana yes loveeee (you know, like I do all the time.)”