It was a good three years ago now. Like everyday, I was looking at his photos. I’d never met him. That day though, looking at one of the shots, I wanted to be behind his shoulder.

He communicated something about fashion that no one had to me before. For me, his photos were like a dream made out of reality. With him, fashion was an affair of grace and moment, then with something hidden in the bright light, the gaze of a child.

Then one day we met. I could care less about meeting people I admire. Often enough, I like to keep my dreams as dreams and not have them come into contact with reality. You have to protect your dreams.

But this time, it was different. We laughed so much. In three minutes, I forgot just how much his photos transportated me and that I was supposed to be impressed here. We talked about anything and everything. And yes, of course, about photography, fashion and all the little marvelous things that inspire us and nourish our imaginations.

Scott has a great gift. He knows how to see beauty in every walk of life. He doesn’t focus necessarily on context. He knows how to recognize a detail, the little thing that makes magic. The complexity of an adolescent, the vulnerability of a man, the strength of a child. The fragility in the determined stride of a woman.

It’s the same with photography. Who cares about perfection when you can caputure a moment saturated with life?

People made tons of propositions for his first book. All the big publishing houses. There were propositions for thick and heavy books, for manual-style books, and even some for something really exclusive. Every time we would talk about it and then… It was never quite right.

One of his dreams was to one day come across a young fashion student with his book in hand, dog-eared and tattered pages, notes in the margins, lots of ideas and lots of life.

And then one day he called me, and I could feel there was something in his voice. Someone finally came to him with the perfect project: a simple and beautiful book. Easy to have with you. Reasonably priced. Finally, something that seemed like the right project and one that suits him well.

A few months later, he showed up on my doorstep, put the book in my hands and left.

I found myself alone to look through these photos I knew so well. All together now in paper, collected together, it seemed like it touched the sublime.

I felt my heart swell with joy, fill with beauty. I felt so proud.


Scott will be at Colette tomorrow to sign his book. He would love to meet you all. I surely won’t be far!!! You should come!

Translation : Tim Sullivan