When I really want to get myself a special gift, I get myself old magazines. I love everything about them. The style, photos, the smell of old paper, the crazy creativity, the absence of cynicism. My favorite period… the 70s. This decade saw the woman redefine herself. Oftentimes with clumsiness, always with seriousness and tons of joy.

I was bedazzled flipping through an issue of Vogue from ’73. Sylvie Vartan on the cover… sublime. On the inside, a few quotes from Emanuel Ungaro,

“Every woman has to find the melody to her own song. When she’s found it, she’s found herself. There is an intimate harmony between her inner and outer self, a harmony called style. The clothes must be forgotten and any impression that something is being worn must disappear. The problem is not to follow fashion. What fashion? You have to follow your path, go toward your own truth. I want liquid fashion, I want the work behind it to be imperceptible. I want everything to flow, color to flow, sentiment to flow, beauty to flow.

“And at night, you can live the dream, amuse yourself, totally diversify. With simplicity, you add personality: makeup, choice hairstyle, different jewelry then you wear during the day.

“I like women who are not sure of themselves. I like the moment when a woman thinks she is not good enough, pretty enough. It’s wonderful. It’s like I’ve scratched the surface and discovered something…”

The fact that style can contribute to the thread of its own truth… I like it !

Translation : Tim Sullivan