A few days from now, I’ll be a personal shopper. The Printemps, a famous department store in Paris, invited me to be their personal shopper for a day. Immediately, I said yes. It’s the kind of job I’ve always dreamt of.

I always told myself that one day I would be a therapist. I don’t know why, but there are some jobs that I imagine being the delightful fruits of maturity**.

But I met fashion on my way. And this is why…

To me, a good personal shopper would be like a good style therapist***. Someone that would help without judgement, who would be realistic and creative and who would discretely lead her client on the way to her inner style.

On the other hand, I totally picture the decadent chick lit trip****, hysterical on 5th Avenue with 250 shopping bags full to the brim. Yiiiiiiihhi ! In total transference to my client, I would make her buy the last Alaïa thigh high boots*****, shouting about how gorgeous it all was.

Well… Let’s say I’m sure this is going to be an interesting experience!


* Well, ever since the day I learned it existed. I mean, a job like this, how exactly can you conceptualise it? It’s not like personal shoppers were running around the streets in Ajaccio where I grew up! And just to remind you, I was told in my youth that I should be a taxidermist! Ewww!

** That’s why the first time I met my therapist, I told her “NO WAY, this is never going to work, YOU ARE WAY TOO YOUNG !!! She told me “humm…?” Since then, she’s become my guru.

*** But way more expensive…

**** These last few days it’s like I tend to imagine ALL my life as a decadent chick lit trip. That’s why I’m here, half-sleeping, writing from my couch at biiiiiiip* in the morning.

***** OMG I want them. I feel I need to talk about it to my therapist. Monday. 3.30pm.

****** Nothing, just to give you a kiss ! Kiss ! Kiss !


* Ok, actually it’s just 9pm, but biiiiip sounds much better don’t you think ? It’s like more… Interesting ? Feels like the girl who has a life ? No ? Am I right here ?


Translation : MYSELF !

Yes, you have felt it. Tim wasn’t available today (yes, HE has a life !) So I made my translation myself. Oh my god ! So sorry for all the mistakes. I’m just a little french girl after all (see how I am trying to win your heart) (huumm.. ?)… Have a good day !