Last time I was at the flea market looking for Farrah Fawcett posters, I came across a booth stock full of the craziest pairs of shorts.

They had every size and color you could imagine, all for 10 bucks and I bought ’em all up (that’s totally why my wardrobe fell over on my face, but that’s a whole other story). I was sure all my friends would each love a pair.

I swear I must have screamed when I noticed that my favorite pair, the jean-shorts of my dreams, nice and short with a nice high waist, total Farrah Fawcett style like, were in a microscopic size. But I knew right away who they’d be perfect for.

Diane. Diane, who I was supposed to see a few days later. Oh man. I’m so happy that I found the perfect mother for these shorts. I love it!

But more than anything, I love Diane. I’ve known her for years and I am always keeping myself updated on her artistic endeavors. Diane takes photos, videos, and is always working on different projects and concerts with her girl collective, Weltgeist. Already, back at 16 years-old, she was the coolest girl in Marseille. She’s moving to Berlin soon. Yeaaaah! Go Diane! Go!

Translation : Tim Sullivan