Garance : Okay, so Mélinda, tell me… You are one of the best dressed women I know. You ALWAYS know where to get the best finds in Paris… Where the hell can you find those damned studded Chloé boots from last year? WHERE!?!!? I’m desperate. Two mojitos, please.

Mélinda : Oh you just shutup. This topic is off limits. I DON’T KNOW. I was doing a little of my own detective work to find them. BUT I CAN’T FIND THEM ANYWHERE.

Garance : You think maybe if we put up a little ad on Craigslist, “Desperate need of studded Chloé boots, one pair size 40 and the other size 36, the price and conditions are entirely up to you. We cook too. Make our dreams come true?

Mélinda : Nooooo, Garance, there’s no point. If it were me with the pair of Chloés, never would I dream of selling them. They’re a collector’s item. These are way beyond it-shoes, they’re fashion history! We screwed up. We need to come to terms with it. Hey! Two mojitos! Merci!

And voilà. Just like a fashion bloodhound I am, I told you about these Chloé boots way before they hit store shelves. Just like a grain fed fashion analyst, I totally saw them coming, first during the fashion weeks, then in the stores, then in the boutiques. But what a sad fool I am, I had to be so picky. Too expensive! All the girls will be wearing them! AND ME, I’m totally above it-shoes, it-bags, and all this fashion bullshit.

Yep, voilà, here’s the proof after 4 mojitos that there is no charge for awesomeness… or attractiveness: when you love something, sometimes, it does you better to put your highfalutin principles to the side.

Conclusion: There’s no way anyone will be able to stop me from getting my hands on Chloé boots this year. Given my failure rate, I’m not going to venture to say whether or not these boots will be part of fashion history one day. But I love them and think about them every day ever since I saw them at the runway shows. Tell me, please!!! Tell me that’s enough to justify it!

Translation : Tim Sullivan