So why don’t I have any tattoos?

It’s not that I don’t like them. Nope, I love ’em. I’ve always loved ’em.  I think they’re romantic, unreasonable, thoughtless and eternal all at the same time. Therefore, I love them.

It’s just that with tattoos, I treat them like pricey jewelry. If I ever get a desire to get one, I say to myself okay, take a year to think about it and if you still want it next year, go ahead and get it. One year, that’s short for something that will last a lifetime.

I’ve been thinking getting one since I was 18, and not one tattoo passed the one-year test.  Every time, at the end of the year, I end up saying, “Ohhhhh thank god you didn’t get that!!!”

A fairy (at 18). The name of my boy (at 20). A ship anchor (at 23). A rose (at 25). A famous painting (I mean c’mon on now, what?) (at 26). The name of a different guy (at 28)(okay, maybe just his initial)(Just the initial? He didn’t take that so well.)(Well, what?  G.  That’s a good initial, am I right?).

You get why I’m saying Ohhhhhhh thank god ?

So I’m not a tattoo kind of girl, voilà. Voilà!!! Simple as that.


PS : But I definitely appreciate them on others, and I love the how simple and poetic Meredith’s is, whom I shot for a collaboration I did with the Kooples. I’ll tell you all about soon. Bisou!

Translation : Tim Sullivan