I see more and more girls letting their hair go naturally curly.

Aaaah. I love it.

As for me, it took me some time to understand that I had absolutely none of the necessary discipline to straighten my hair everyday. I would forget this little detail every time I went to get my haircut. I’d ask for whatever cut was supposed to make me into you know, Garance, the girl with the dreamy hair, with whatever photo of straight hair in hand, straight to the point that would stupify Vic Beckham. After three days, of course, it looked terrible and I would have to wait for it to grow out while my friends sat there giggling.

Then I met GiovannaYasminValentinaNejma… And Carrie Bradshaw, of course (You know it!) ! I started thinking letting your hair go natural was a pretty darn cool idea. I’d straighten it occasionally, just for fun, if and when I had a little extra time.

So there, for a year now, my hair has been completely natural. I’m like the cool girl who accepts herself for who she is.  You know, Garance, the girl who is comfortable in her own skin? Yes, oh!  That’s me!

I’m so so so proud of myself.

Then why I am suddenly taken over by envy for some super beautiful color when I know that NEVER would I have the necessary discipline to go to the hairdresser regularly and so quickly I would become Garance, I’m sure you’ve seen her, the girl with 3 inch roots! Why!?

Translation : Tim Sullivan