I don’t even know what to tell you about Violaine, except that when the two of us are together, we spend most of our time cracking up.

We met not too long ago. She invited me to a soirée that she was organizing for the boutique, Feathers. She gave me a pair of sunglasses that I’ve never worn, tried in vain to get me out to one of her parties, and ever since, every time I’m in London, we meet up. And then we talk about anything and everything drinking down chocolate soys.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Okay, this time it was a Smiling Smoothie, strawberry, coconut, pineapple + a weird ingredient we grabbed from Breakfast Club (I just needed to sneak that name in here somehow)(Oh, the Breakfast Club, oh, teen-movies, Don’t You Forget About Me & hormones gone wild…) that definitely gave us both a laugh, seeing as I was telling her to drink her f#@$%ng smoothie for the picture.

I’m definitely a fan of her looks, keen and kid-like (Yeah, what am I talking about there? What’s with this idea of finding names for styles, I feel like I’m writing for Good Housekeeping… ! Hey, so listen, Violaine, did you concoct this little keen and kid-like look for today?) (!) OKAY. She has tons of terrific clothes.

… And retractable hair.

Ha, just kidding. This is a photo a took a little while back when we didn’t know each other too well and so there was a lot less laughing and a lot more drinking coffee from the Starbucks on the corner, far less sexy than Breakfast Club, you’ll agree.

Conclusion : Violaine deserves to be known.

Okay. Should I stop telling you all about my life? Fine. I’ll stop telling you all about my life. Violaine, I love your new haircut, find me those Demeulemeester shoes (1st photo) in my size please, and drink this smoothie for me before the sun (Sorry, what? Sun? In London? Maybe for about 5 minutes 42 seconds a day here between 45 torrential rainfalls, but we got it in that one photo!  Haha!, so drink me this smoothie before the sun goes aw…..

Oh meeeeeerde! It’s raining!

Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan