Right now, my days are like pentathlons, with the hurtle jumping included, (Yesterday, I flashed the whole first row at the Givenchy show trying to get over a seat in my mini skirt) (Shame on me!), and I’m always wondering how I can get dressed in the morning to go from a professional meeting to a meeting with my therapist, from there to a shoot, to a meeting with my bike, and then a meeting at a café. And then on top of that, since my days are so long, they’re known to become nights before they’re finished.

By the end of it, I’m an unidentified fashion object.

Yesterday, at the Givenchy show, the girls were chic, laid back, sexy and happy.

I’ve already tossed a pair of ballet flats into my bag. Yes, they take up some space, but I had to have something somewhat sensible. Heels, they just aren’t made for walking. And a good pair of ballet flats, we have a tendency to forget that they can be super classy.

So I’m making a note of it : for a day in the life of the career woman (My friend Barbara always says that, and with her Italian accent, it always gets me cracking up.) (career woman, ha! what does that even mean?) so to look the part, career woman in Paris, you need: hair in your eyes + a nice t-shirt + a well tailored jacket + something short. And with that, a few tissues to keep yourself looking fresh, and suddenly you’re chic from morning ’till night. Merde! I’ve gotta be able to do this.

And that way, when I’m on my bike, I can be dreaming of a couture Givenchy dress.

And of a new pair of shoes ! Bisou !

Translation : Tim Sullivan