Don’t ask me what my titles means… No idea ! But what I do know, is that I am an unwavering fan of the many looks, full of humor, and the many ideas that Eva has. She’s a stylist and here, I caught her with her Vuitton ears (you remember on the runway?) in the middle of working on an editorial for Italian Elle.

Pretty cool for a work uniform, no?

And I right away thought of Claudia. These girls, not only do they already know how to do the pause, the look that just kills, but on top of that, they’ve found a solution of how to tone down a swooping neckline.

Because I remember last week, some were saying that a strapless dress was too difficult to wear.  Hmmm…. Ha!

Okay, okaaaay? And the t-shirt!!!

I’m telling you girls, style is like life: if there isn’t a solution, it’s just that there isn’t a problem! Bunny bisous!

Translation : Tim Sullivan