The first time I saw Anna with her glasses on, I almost squealed, “Anna! Where did you get those glasses?! Who made them?! Are they vintage? New? Can I try them on? If you need to get those off your hands…”

She broke out laughing and says to me that no, she’s the one who made them, that she’s coming out with a new line of glasses. They aren’t made yet, but she promised, as soon as she has them, she’ll have a pair for me.

Aaaaaaaah. Delightful.

And then after the euphoria wore off of the promise of future possession, I realize…

“Wait, how did you just up and do that?  How did you just go and start your own brand? Just like one day: here I go!?  Wow!”

“Yeah. I’ve always worn glasses, and so naturally, I had some ideas. I kept going with my job (Anna is a journalist for WGSN), but I always wanted to do my own thing, just for me. I have a name, Prism, my own packaging, a logo, a web-site, and there ya go! They’ll be out soon!”

I love when people just throw themselves into adventures like that. Especially when it’s friends, style friends, and when it’s done with so much class and simplicity.

Et voilà! This weekend, she came to Paris with boxes of glasses and told me I had to chose a pair. The only thing I can really tell you is that I had the hardest time. Every pair is beautiful.

I ended up picking the tortoise shell ones you see up top and then walked around all day with them (Yeaaaahhh, non-prescription lenses, we’re all a little ridiculous) and I got lots and lots and lots of compliments.

Allô ? Sexy secretary ? Oui ! C’est moi ! … I love ’em! Thanks Anna!

Translation : Tim Sullivan