Seated in front of my coffee, I was making my way through British Vogue. There, Alexa Chung talked about her style. She was saying that she’ll always be a tomboy and gave a Valentine Fillol-Cordier quote, “Dressing like a boy and you’ll get way further with the boys…”

I close the magazine, swallow a huge gulp of coffee and get myself ready for a shoot. Except this time, I’m the one in front of the camera. A perfect excuse to wear my feather skirt, with super high heels thrusting my body forward and a little jean jacket all adding up to a rather spectacular result.  I’m thinking that off in the distance, in the urban jungle, you could easily enough confuse me with an ostrich.

Two and a half hours later, photos are done. We’re taking a break and Bruno, the photographer, shows me a few of his photos.

I told him which one was my favorite, a girl with baggy jeans, hair in her eyes, total tomboy, super sexy.

He says to me, “I always prefer tomboys. They’re always the sexiest girls.”

“Oh yeah. À la Emmanuelle Alt. It’s so sexy,” I say to him, noticing my feather skirt the color of a pale rose and my heels that would give the Eiffel Tower vertigo. I think for two seconds of making a hole in the parquet to stick my head in, but decide that in the end, not a good idea. I don’t want to scuff up my manicure.

I say goodbye and thank you very much, hop on my bike and leave in a flash.

At a red light, a guy also on a bike rides right past me with a little impish smile.  Irritated, I pass right back in front of him. The light turns green and poof, he passes me again. Offended, I pedal like crazy to catch up to him and pass him yet again. Look, it’s a question of pride here. Taken by the game, he’s almost breaking his back trying to catch up to me. But hey, girls, I got to the next red light first. In heels. And in feathers!

So for me, I’m saying that tomboy, it’s an attitude. And you were right, Valentine, for what I’ve seen, at the very least, it’ll at least get you to the next red light! Boys, what do you think about that?

Translation : Tim Sullivan