There are a few things I got a little too used to a little too quickly.

+ Heels : When I was really young, I used to wear them just for special occasions. And then quickly after, I would wear them at night. And then for meetings for work. And then for meeting up with friends. Yeah, okay, and then for shopping. Then with breakfast, heading out to grab a baguette, you get the idea.

+ Going down to take the garbage out in heels, curious look on landlord’s face.

+ Checking out

+ Getting the perfect manicure… First time I got the perfect manicure, I was jumping for joy. Second time I got the perfect manicure, I was very satisfied. Third time, it was completely normal. One time I got a manicure that WASN’T perfect and I was on the phone with the Better Business Bureau.

+ Jamba Juice in New York. Where am I going to get some of this in Paris?

+ Skyping my friends to scroll through Promising to each other that NEVER! Never EVER. NEEEEEVER! Even Gwyneth?! These girls would be better off getting a shrink! And then suddenly realizing that our friend S, who was online but was saying nothing for five or so minutes, just got her lips done. Ahem!

+ Having a gallant man hold the door for you. Then you get all surprised when it’s some normal guy next to you in the taxi who then lets the door slam right in your face.

+ And always getting entirely too used to NOT being in a bathing suit. So… When does summer officially start?

Oh merde. I gotta let you go. Off to go jogging. Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan