Last week, I went on over to Nylon magazine for an interview.  After a rather surrealist 15 minutes where every door I was about to open had a little sign that said, “No, Nylon isn’t here, go further down!” I finally got to the place where these two lively Shar-Peis welcomed me with open… paws?

I knew right away this whole experience would put a smile on my face.

I like Nylon a lot.  The magazine’s freshness, its freedom, its layout, its energy, and I found all that in the offices.  There is light, color, two dogs, and outits everywhere you look.  The team is young, the paper and internet editors are all interspersed, you can dress however you want, everyone works on these giant wooden desks… So in short, it’s awesome.

And I hadn’t planned on taking any photos, and hadn’t told anyone I’d have my camera.  But that didn’t seem to bother anyone.  Everyone told me to feel at home and take as much time as I wanted.

Even Dani, one of the magazine’s it-girls, who was showing me a good time with her larger-than-life persona said, “Nooooo.  You’re sure you want to take a shot of me right now looking like this?  No makeup? WHAT?  Take off my sunglasses?  Okay, whatever.  Hmmm.  Hold on, I’m just going to grab a jacket really quick because… Look at this one, not bad, look, whad’ya think?  You want a shot of the shoes?  Yeaaah, and hold up, oh look, did you see my bag?!?!  No no no no, not my desk, you’re CRAZY.  It’s such a mess!!!”

And there you go!!!  Here’s why I felt completely at home over at Nylon!

Translation : Tim Sullivan


And as I promised to keep you updated : Here are the pictures of the Women of Fashion party ! You can take a look at the dress, and even see a few of my accessories that I really have to talk to you about… Soon !

Ok, enough with socialite mode, I’m back in Paris. Have a great day !